A new door

A new door
24 Sep 2017

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September 2017

Dear Friends and Family,

A New Door
For the past year, I have been waiting on the Lord to provide guidance as to what I was to do next. My wife and I were being faithful in a local church, but yet there was a stirring in my heart to do more. Yes, I have been an ordained minister since 1997 and have been in ministry now over 25 years. I have worked as a Children’s Pastor, Youth Pastor, Evangelist, in Music Ministries, and much more. A few weeks ago, God finally gave me some direction. An old minister friend once told me, “ministry is influence.” My social media presence on the web was exploding! Out of the blue, I was reaching more people from around the world than most churches do in their regular services. God had spoken. After some research, we are starting an online church. Using today’s technology, we can reach around the globe at the push of a button. Grace World Church will use every means necessary to reach people with the gospel and God’s grace! Primarily, we will produce broadcasts which will be seen and heard around the country and the world.

Out of the new church ministry, a need has been found. We have met and partnered with a ministry in Uganda, Africa. They have a children’s orphanage serving over 300 kids; a widow’s ministry; and homeless ministry too. They approached us with a need for a School of Ministry in Uganda. I have always had a vision of operating a Bible school to train up ministers. In fact, if you were to ask me which would I rather do, pastor a church, or teach in a bible school? I would have said the latter. Currently, there are 200+ pastors in Uganda waiting on us to proceed. Having said all that, we have some startup costs for both the church and the School of Ministry.

We Need You
To begin, we need a small building for a post-production/studio and to purchase quality video, audio, editing, and lighting equipment. The initial cost will be $30,000. One third of our budget is for the prefab building that we need. It is the most cost-effective way to get started. We will also have ongoing cost for additional equipment as the need arises. The school offices in Uganda needs office equipment (printer, laptop, projector, and DVD player). We are now asking you to be faithful to God’s leading about giving toward our startup costs. I have always disliked having to request donations to operate a ministry. But I know if I’m faithful to do my part (asking) God is faithful to do His part (providing).

I do not want you to give because of a certain amount I present, I want you to give because you can hear from the Holy Spirit. The Bible says in 2 Corinthians 9:7 “Each of you should
give what you have decided in your heart to give, not reluctantly or under compulsion, for God loves a cheerful giver.” Any donation, large or small is valuable to us and this ministry.

I simply ask you to take a few moments to pray and ask the Holy Spirit what He wants you to give to this undertaking. Then, be quiet and listen to your heart. He will answer you quickly. I thank you now for being obedient. I know the needs will be more than met. We both will share in the changed lives of believers and others who tune in, as well as, the pastors and students of the School of ministry. I will let you know soon about specifics of the broadcast, details will be on our website. The new website is up and running now GraceWorld.Church You can give online at graceworld.church/giving/
You can always find us at Facebook.com/GraceWorldChurch
The ministry in Uganda is here: Gods Grace Ministries Uganda
Grace International School of Ministry: Grace International School of Ministry

In Christ,

JD Wilhite
Lead Pastor-Teacher

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“Bringing Grace to the World”


JD Wilhite

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