Topical Study Template

04 Mar 2016
{Topical Study Title}


1.     List all passages that relate to the topic.

Use an exhaustive concordance to find the verses.

2.     Observe – what does it say (read the verses)

Survey the text to get an overview (Eccles. 1:13)

*We need to know what the Bible says…before we can understand what it means!

Who: {Who wrote it?}

What: {Overview of the book, passage, etc.}

Where: {Where was it written?}

When: {When was it written?}

Why: {Why was it written?}

3.     Understand – get the facts, discover the meaning, research

Dig deeper to get a closer look (Ps. 119:27, Prov. 3:13)

Key Verses: {List the verses that contain an important truth, promise, command, etc.}

Key Words: {List key words, verbs, etc. to study}

Key People: {List important people, character traits, etc.}

Historical Background: {Write the geographical, political, and cultural context}

Other Resources: {Bible dictionaries, encyclopedias, translations, etc.}

Summary: {Write a summary of your study}

4.     Apply – how does this relate to me

Do-it…yourself! (Luke 6:42)

Today is there a…

Sin to avoid:

Promise to claim:

Example to follow:

Command to obey:

Knowledge to learn:

What do I need to change?

My Attitude:

My Actions:

My Relationships:

Bible study is a lifetime habit. |

JD Wilhite

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